We offer continuing psycho-educational training and formation for implementors of programs and services for life-carers in society especially parents, teachers, and inner wellness promoters.


RCW1 is the flagship workshop of RCW Foundation that aims to heal your childhood pains, hurts, and traumas; and develop personal power by teaching you how to accept, love, and nurture your “Inner Child”.

It is common for people to share a certain level of hurt and brokenness as it is part of being human but we differ in the degree of its impact.

This workshop will allow participants to explore psycho-emotional downloads and contamination that people experience in their lives that manifest in their relationships. In addition, this workshop will promote self-responsibility and self-empowerment through “Reparenting the Self” in order to heal your personal histories, free yourself from the feeling of being stuck and self-sabotage, mobilize your inner resources, and commit a loving relationship with yourself towards healing and growth.

Reparenting the Child Within (RCW1)

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
• Embrace their woundedness and differentiate their real self from their “false” self
• Recognize and overcome destructive or self-defeating psycho-emotional programs which contaminate their personal, interpersonal, and professional life
• Enhance their growth process through; greater awareness, self-responsibility, self-integration, and “Reparenting and championing the Child Within”
• Undertake necessary griefwork and forgiveness process
• Commit to self-care, self-validation, and self-management
• Rediscover their “True Self”

• The Crossover of Life: Facing the Challenges and Limiting Core beliefs and Shifting Consciousness
• Assessment of Inner Blocks or Psycho-emotional Woundedness
• Understanding Psycho-social Contamination in Adult Life
• The Wounded-Wonder Child Within
• The Healing Process: The 5 A's and PP=A+R
• The Dynamics of Abuse and Assessing Types of Abuse or Trauma
• Griefwork and the Process of Letting Go
• Healing the Early Stages of Life (Based on Erikson’s Psycho-social Stages)
• Reclaiming and Championing the Child Within: The 4-C Process
• The Forgiveness Process
• Affirming and Loving the Self
• Managing Emotions
• Self-Care Planning
• Practicing Suggested Recovery Programs and Self-Care


RCW2 is the sequel of the RCW1 careshop, which aims to heal and enhance interpersonal relationships by unleashing the “Wonder Child Within”.
All people experience some certain level of difficulties when it comes to their stresses, strains, and conflicts in their relationships.

This workshop will allow participants to re-experience their basic oneness through different experiential exercises and exploring topics such as; inner bonding, changing perceptions, setting effective boundaries, establishing inner reference, and making growth choices and taking loving actions towards their personal and interpersonal integration.

Reconnecting the Community Within (RCW2)

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
• Further enhance the healing and growth of their “Inner Child or True Self”
• Shift mindsets and take loving action towards the self
• Become aware of their perceptions, cognitive distortions, and negativity bias in their attitudes and behaviors
• Create strong internal boundaries or attitudinal stances to enhance emotional resilience and personal integration
• Access their “Inner Guide” and explore their inner space that generally strengthens their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships

• The Experience of Connectedness
• The Understanding of Essential Connection and Bonding
• Exposing Control Dramas
• Setting Internal Boundaries
• Parental Review and Coming to Purpose
• Dealing with Unfinished Business of the past or PTSD
• Handling Codependent Tendencies in Adulthood
• Integrating the Destruction – Creation Polarity
• Celebrating the Reintegration of the Wonder Child
• The Assessment of; Ego Strengths, Emotional Resilience, Codependence, and Self-Talk and Inner Conflict
• The Recovery Journey
• The Inner Bonding Process
• Owning Shadows
• Accessing the Inner Guide
• Spiritual Laws of Success


HALE is a workshop aimed to change or improve your attitudes by reexperiencing the healing and transforming power of unconditional love, peace, and forgiveness.
“Attitude is everything”. It compromises of how you think or feel towards something or someone that may reflect on your behavior. Having the positive attitude is key to people’s inner peace and happiness.

This workshop will allow participants to attain total positive regard and nonjudgmental openness with ourselves and others that will diminish their fears, conflicts, thought distortions, and contradictions. It will also improve their decision-making by increasing their consciousness on their choices and creation of reality.

Healing Attitudes, Loving Essence (HALE)

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
• Come to their “Inner Truth” and embrace love as the essence of their being
• Experience the healing process and transform learned negative or distorted attitudes
• Improve peace of mind through active forgiveness
• Choose to live more consciously and mindfully in the present or the “here and now”
• Take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and behavior
• Make fundamental choices of non-judgment, peace, love, joining, abundance and other positive stances
• Overcome fear of death and work towards greater healing

• Ways of Looking at the World / Worldviews
• Ego-based or Love-based Attitudes
• Models of Human Development
• Defining I Am-ness and Personal Essence
• Layers of Being in Attaining Authentic Selfhood
• Principles of Attitudinal Healing
• Letting Go of the Past
• Confronting and Mourning Losses
• Forgiveness
• Making Conscious Choices

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Creating Your Best Life (CYBL)

CYBL is an interactive workshop that will help you rediscover your intrinsic personal value and enhance your relationship with your inner self which will create the best version of yourself.

Creating a strategic plan for your business or work, why not create one for your own life? Planning your life is like having a roadmap that will help you reach your desired destination. It would be difficult to go outside and not know where you are going and just walk in different directions. Many people fail to plan their lives and end up lost or feeling stuck in where they are.

This workshop will allow participants to review their life stories’ underlying thoughts and beliefs. They are also challenged to unlearn or change whatever blocks them from self-mastery and the fullest expression of their innate potentials for personal success and greater self-expansion. 

•Module 1: Laying the Groundwork
•Module 2: Relationship with the Self
•Module 3: Dialoguing with One’s Soul
•Module 4: Birthing and Living Out Dreams
•Module 5: Retelling and Rewriting Life Stories
•Module 6: Achieving Goals and Living the Dreams
•Module 7: Co-creating & Manifesting your Best Life


JATS is an interactive seminar that will help you understand the various Adult Developmental Stages through its life transitions and/or crises, as you currently experience it or prepare yourself in your adult inner life journey and personal unfolding.

All people face some challenges in transitioning in from their 20s to their 30s, 30s to their 40s, 40s to their 50s, and so on, especially during their midlife crises and retirement stages. These are often difficulties on letting go and accepting things in their younger stages, that results to little or no preparation in their next adult stages.
This workshop will allow participants to make meaning or purpose and shape one’s adult life by modifying life structures, mapping out new directions, and/or recommitting or strengthening one’s choices or decisions that are already made. 

Journeying the Adult Transitions Seminar (JATS)

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
• Understand the life cycle perspective and the growth transitions they go through in their life's unfolding
• Manage themselves in their different life challenges or transitional crises
• Situate themselves in the adult developmental framework
• Articulate their personal calling and life purpose
• Undergo or enhance their interiorization, individuation, integration, and generativity and creativity processes
• Develop and live out a personal spirituality

• The Life Cycle Perspective
• Adult Transitions
• Adult Developmental Theories
• Psychological Stages of Life
• Male and Female Developmental Stages
• Life Patterns of Men and Women
• The Process of Individuation
• Integration of Polarities
• Interiority and Generativity
• Transition Spirituality


HELP is an interactive workshop that will help you review and assess your family history, patterns, issues and the impact it incurred on you and those in your present generation. This workshop will allow you to see the life patterns you consciously or unconsciously inherited from your family of origin, your forebears and family culture.
Every person came from a family, and as “perfect” as your family can be, there are still a lot of unconscious downloading of family tendencies, traits or negative patterns which can lead to dysfunctional behaviors and/or negative family dynamics.

This workshop will allow participants to break negative family patterns/dynamics and strengthen their conscious decision-making in continuing or modifying life patterns that promote wellness, growth and wholeness of life leading to more harmonious and loving family life and relationships.

Healing Evolutionary Life Patterns (HELP)

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
• Discover their spiritual heritage
• Distinguish positive and negative patterns in their families
• Review their family structures and emotional connections
• Make crucial choices as to what patterns to continue and what to break in their life
• Resolve and manage residual intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts or issues
• Understand and practice release work or cathartic relief
• Empower their will and mind to overcome generational conditionings
• Crystallize their life purpose vis-à-vis their family’s vision & mission or spirituality

• Lineage and Genealogy – A Spiritual Journey
• Theological Groundings
• Evaluating the Experience of Family Love
• Revisiting Home Life Experiences
• Assessing Family Life Space
• Assessing Family Atmosphere
• Assessing Family Culture
• Crystallizing Unfinished Business or Unresolved Family Concerns or Blocks.
• Emotional Feedback
• Genogram: Assessing Positive and Negative Life Patterns
• Birth Order – Understanding Family Sibling Constellation
• Family and Personal Life Vision – Mission
• Contributing to the Family’s Evolution

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