We offer continuing psycho-educational training and formation for implementors of programs and services for life-carers in society especially parents, teachers, and inner wellness promoters.


Reparenting the Child Within (RCW1)

RCW1 is the flagship workshop of RCW Foundation that aims to heal your childhood pains, hurts, and traumas; and develop personal power by teaching you how to accept, love, and nurture your “Inner Child”.

It is common for people to share a certain level of hurt and brokenness as it is part of being human but we differ in the degree of its impact.

This workshop will allow participants to explore psycho-emotional downloads and contamination that people experience in their lives that manifest in their relationships. In addition, this workshop will promote self-responsibility and self-empowerment through “Reparenting the Self” in order to heal your personal histories, free yourself from the feeling of being stuck and self-sabotage, mobilize your inner resources, and commit a loving relationship with yourself towards healing and growth.


Reconnecting the Community Within (RCW2)

RCW2 is the sequel of the RCW1 careshop, which aims to heal and enhance interpersonal relationships by unleashing the “Wonder Child Within”.
All people experience some certain level of difficulties when it comes to their stresses, strains, and conflicts in their relationships.

This workshop will allow participants to re-experience their basic oneness through different experiential exercises and exploring topics such as; inner bonding, changing perceptions, setting effective boundaries, establishing inner reference, and making growth choices and taking loving actions towards their personal and interpersonal integration.


Recommitment to Change & Wellness

RCW3 furthers personal development by promoting self- actualization by becoming a positively engaged person, a catalyst of change... and a healer of one’s community.
Coming to RCW, Level 3 is truly a remarkable sign of our commitment to growthful progress in our spiritual pathway as we pursue the process of healing and integration initiated in RCW1. This response to the call to come to “Higher Grounds,” to recreate our life, to change our world view and transform our lifestyle is a necessary step towards enlightened maturity.

As we reclaim our original grace and rewrite our personal life story, we rechannel our energy toward greater self-actualization and self-support and create synergy toward community support and well-being. RCW3 is a summons to crystallize, pursue and attain our life goals through effective strategies for growth. It is a decision to revitalize self-empowerment by living an inspired life, providing the necessary space for maximizing our innate potentials and bringing about wellness within ourselves and within the world we bless with our transformed and transforming presence.


Healing Attitudes, Loving Essence (HALE)

HALE is a workshop aimed to change or improve your attitudes by reexperiencing the healing and transforming power of unconditional love, peace, and forgiveness.
“Attitude is everything”. It compromises of how you think or feel towards something or someone that may reflect on your behavior. Having the positive attitude is key to people’s inner peace and happiness.

This workshop will allow participants to attain total positive regard and nonjudgmental openness with ourselves and others that will diminish their fears, conflicts, thought distortions, and contradictions. It will also improve their decision-making by increasing their consciousness on their choices and creation of reality.

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Creating Your Best Life (CYBL)

CYBL is an interactive workshop that will help you rediscover your intrinsic personal value and enhance your relationship with your inner self which will create the best version of yourself.

Creating a strategic plan for your business or work, why not create one for your own life? Planning your life is like having a roadmap that will help you reach your desired destination. It would be difficult to go outside and not know where you are going and just walk in different directions. Many people fail to plan their lives and end up lost or feeling stuck in where they are.

This workshop will allow participants to review their life stories’ underlying thoughts and beliefs. They are also challenged to unlearn or change whatever blocks them from self-mastery and the fullest expression of their innate potentials for personal success and greater self-expansion. 


Journeying the Adult Transitions Seminar (JATS)

JATS is an interactive seminar that will help you understand the various Adult Developmental Stages through its life transitions and/or crises, as you currently experience it or prepare yourself in your adult inner life journey and personal unfolding.

All people face some challenges in transitioning in from their 20s to their 30s, 30s to their 40s, 40s to their 50s, and so on, especially during their midlife crises and retirement stages. These are often difficulties on letting go and accepting things in their younger stages, that results to little or no preparation in their next adult stages.
This workshop will allow participants to make meaning or purpose and shape one’s adult life by modifying life structures, mapping out new directions, and/or recommitting or strengthening one’s choices or decisions that are already made. 


Healing Evolutionary Life Patterns (HELP)

HELP is an interactive workshop that will help you review and assess your family history, patterns, issues and the impact it incurred on you and those in your present generation. This workshop will allow you to see the life patterns you consciously or unconsciously inherited from your family of origin, your forebears and family culture.
Every person came from a family, and as “perfect” as your family can be, there are still a lot of unconscious downloading of family tendencies, traits or negative patterns which can lead to dysfunctional behaviors and/or negative family dynamics.

This workshop will allow participants to break negative family patterns/dynamics and strengthen their conscious decision-making in continuing or modifying life patterns that promote wellness, growth and wholeness of life leading to more harmonious and loving family life and relationships.


Pag-aaruga sa Laging Mapagkalingang Tagapag-alaga (Pasalamat)

This is primarily offered to household helpers, service personnel and persons who prefer the Filipino version of the RCW 1 abridged process.
Tagalog and Abridged Version of RCW1

A one-day Careshop on healing and wholeness that seeks to:
- To help participants understand themselves better
- To assist participants to embrace their woundedness and differentiate their REAL
   self from their FALSE self
- To enable participants to recognize and overcome the destructive or self-defeating
   psycho- emotional programs which hurt or destabilize their personal and
   interpersonal life as well as their responsibilities at work
- To empower participants to enhance their growth process through: greater
  awareness, self responsibility, self integration, reparenting, reclaiming, and
  championing the child within
- To inspire participants to rediscover the Wonder Divine Child Within: their TRUE

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Shadow Power (SP)

SP is a careshop on harnessing the hidden potentials in one’s unconscious and developing skills in uncovering and transforming them into creative life forces and gifts. Our Shadows whether Light or Dark, exist to teach us, guide us, and give us the blessing of our entire selves. They are resources for us to expose, explore and employ.

The feelings and memories that we have suppressed or repressed beg to be integrated into our total conscious experience. They are harmful when they
are denied or concealed. They can pop up at the least opportune times. Oftentimes, their sneak attacks handicap or sabotage us in areas of our life that mean most to us.

Our life will be transformed once we make peace with our shadow. We will no longer need to pretend to be who we are not. We will no longer have to prove that we are not good enough.

Once we embrace our shadows, we will no longer have to live in fear. When we find the gifts of our shadow, we will revel in the glory of our true and integrated self.


Creative Stressbusters for Carers (CSC)

Designed especially for life-carers and care- providers this whole-day session of non-stop high energy interaction and learning exercises aims to promote stress-hardiness, inner harmony and resiliency among participants.

This full-day careshop of fun learning activities, inhibition shedding and comic role playing, game therapy, and internalizing process is a surefire prescription for persons who may be fatigued or under pressure or stress and are weighed down by the debilitating effects of these felt realities on the body, mind and spirit.


Post-Trauma Care & Healing Interventions (PTCHI)

A two-day seminar-careshop that includes psychological first-aid, debriefing, basic counseling, and coaching, skills training and sample tools of healing modalities used in responding to crisis or disaster.

Our preferred Method of Wellness Intervention is the use of the Caring Group Process which include:
- Weaving common bonds of love, care and support
- Enhancing faith in survivors and in each other,
- Empowering discovery of inner resources and the utilization of other external
resources and linkages
- Reinforcing people’s coping skills, build up courage and determination to raise
themselves, create possibilities, design a future for themselves and go after higher dreams.


Blocks to Breakthroughs (B2B)

A one-day group process to deepen personal healing and recovery work. Through this program, participants challenge and face beliefs and thoughts that hold them back from having a full life,This maybe in the form of self-limiting and hurtful core beliefs, emotional saboteurs, blocks, enslavers and negative thoughts. By providing participants practical tools to process and manage their emotions, they turn limiting blocks into breakthrough strengths in this way, a heightened psycho-emotional intelligence is achieved and enhanced.


Parent and Child Relationship (PCR)

Parenting is primarily a life-giving and growth- promoting relationship. It is a relationship of commitment to mutual love, care and
support. That children are natural teachers and caregivers in relationships is well worth discovering.

To become a more positive and empowering parent or caregiver, one needs to learn first of all to be a nurturing and loving parent to oneself. This does not come easy to most carers or caretakers.

This weekend growth seminar seeks to facilitate in both parents and carers of children understanding of and responsibility for themselves as persons in relationship with themselves and with their children or wards.

Parents or carers will be assisted to care for themselves while as they care for their children or wards. They will likewise be taught skills to enhance their ability to relate in a positive and empowering way such that the parenting or caring experience be mutually beneficial, fulfilling and enriching both for themselves and the children they help form and raise. Learning from each other and assisting in each other's growth will definitely make the relationship a truly enjoyable, rewarding and transforming experience.

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Aksyon Ko, Aakuin Ko (AKKO - AKKO Youth)

(Building Self-Responsibility in Teens)

This is a 2-day careshop for teenagers, ages 13-19 years of age, that provides an excellent venue to help them discover their own selves and their personal gifts, strengths and passion as well as harness or anchor them on positive values. For this manner they are empowered to create a future that defines who they truly are and are encouraged to develop to reach their highest potentials.

In this interactive and experiential process, they will be taught skills on how to manage their own feelings, limitations and relationships.


Golden Agers, Growing Gracefully (GGG)

This is a two-day careshop for seniors and their care- providers on making meaning through the wisdom years, growing their late adult selves, finding and enjoying the gifts of the golden years and gracefully going through the completion processes in their intra-personal, relational and spiritual life.

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