The RCW Foundation, Inc., also known as the Caring Group, is a team of committed and self- sustaining helping professionals and volunteers with a psycho-spiritual approach in promoting personal and interpersonal well-being. They render their professional services to create a safe and supportive haven for life-carers and care providers who may be in need of inner wellness, psycho-social assistance, mental and emotional health care, nurturance, healing, transformation, and empowerment. The Caring Group shares in the foundation’s mission and heart work in its preferential option for carers in the various sectors of our society.



More than two decades may not be that long for some institutions but for the Reintegration for Care and Wholeness Foundation, Inc. (founded on May 9, 2000), it has been long enough to set a track record to assure those with whom it journeys that it is here for the long haul.

RCWFI’s founder, Harriet Hautea Hormillosa, a former religious sister of the Servants of St. Joseph for 34 years and a volunteer associate counselor and trainer for the Jesuit Center for Family Ministries for 13 years, set up this foundation with the help of some colleagues and friends.

The founding group was responding to the signs of the times such as stress overload, burn out, disequilibrium, relational and family crises arising from personal, family and inter-generational psycho-spiritual issues and socio-cultural challenges.

They also sought to address the growing consciousness and aspiration of people desiring to live quality lives in a society caught up in chronic pressure, rapid changes, fast pace and digital lifestyles, pervading quick-fix attitude and an instant gratification mentality, among others.

This Circle of Grace, which fondly calls itself the RCW Family, has been a critical mass of people committed to tirelessly work on their inner wellness, growth and transformation and to help others do the same.

RCW CARES came to birth as an initiative to help in transforming consciousness and healing lives, specially among Filipino life-carers and care providers, both in the Philippines and abroad.

With no funding agencies backing it up and solely relying on God’s providence and the hard work of the teammates and their friends, the foundation has continued its services with passion and determination and is still committed to go onward and forward, through God's grace and the determination and hope to move forward in pursuit of its mission and advocacies.

The REINTEGRATION FOR CARE AND WHOLENESS seeks to heal, nurture, ad empower the Filipino care-giving soul by promoting personal transformation and psycho-spiritual integration in life-carers, animators, individuals and groups engaged in any form of service in our society.

It envisions the concretization in life of Jesus’ own raison d’être: “I came that you may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10).

The primary objective of the Foundation is to provide ongoing development and empowerment of caregivers, animators and empowerers in our society such as parents, educators (especially public school teachers), social workers, health workers, organizational leaders and managers, human resource and service personnel, members of civic and religious organizations, etc. These will lead them towards personal transformation and psycho-spiritual and integral wholeness that will sustain them in their mission of life-caring care-providing.

Toward this end, it shall initiate, develop, administer, promote, encourage, support, finance and assist programs and projects or undertakings for educational health, character-building and youth development, cultural, civic, social welfare and eleemosynary purposes, or a combination thereof.

We Filipinos have long been made to believe that ours is a “damaged culture” and our psyche a fractured one. Indeed, a look at the values we uphold gives evidence of how we focus on their negative rather than on their positive manifestation.

This distorted view of our innate worth has given rise to our prevailing co-dependent and enmeshed relationships.

We have an inherent tendency to be “externally referented” rather than “internally referented” and to see our value through the eyes of others. In effect, we measure our worth by what we can accomplish and by how significant we are to others who influence or validate us.

In a culture highly dependent on carers, little concern has been given to carers’ needs. With so much demand on social services and outreach to be done, help to be extended, ministries to be offered or interventions to be made, we show minimal care for the welfare of those tasked with serving and caring.

Even carers and care providers themselves need to learn a more effective, balanced, holistic and integrated way of caring to include the intra-personal, interpersonal and metapersonal dimensions of their own lives.

Thus, carers must first and foremost be empowerers, both of themselves and of others.

Favoring the Model of Growth over the long time held Model of Perfection, most Filipino carers and care providers must go through a paradigm shift if they must become vehicles for furthering positive transformation within their communities and in Philippine society at large.

1. Mental Health Consultants and Advocates
2. Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors
3. Psycho-Spiritual Consultants
4. Life and Relationship Coaches
5. Counseling Psychologists and Clinicians
6. Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists
7. Values Transformation Trainers
8. Transformational Workshop Lecturers & Facilitators
9. Group Process and Team Building Facilitators
10. Integrated Education Specialists
11. Holistic Life-Balance Program Designers
12. Support System Providers
13. Healing Community of Nurturers and Care-providers
14. Publisher of CARE Magazine, CARE Book Series and RCW Careshop Workbooks
15. Post-disaster Counselors and Trainers in Healing Modalities

• Business Consultants
• Technical Advisers
• Medical Specialists
• Religious Proselytizers o Social Worker
• Political Reformers
• One-shot Events

RCWFI is a premiere promoter of inner wholeness in individuals, families and society. A caring community integrating and transforming their lives and promoting wellness, wholeness and fullness of life in themselves and in others.

RCWFI commits to provide a nurturing environment for people who take care of people, empowering everyone to self-care and living more fully by providing counseling, psycho- educational programs and support system. RCWFI’s mandate is to create a community of transformed carers committed to achieve fullness of life for themselves and others.

INSCAPE – Integrity, Nurturance, Self-empowerment, Caring commitment, Authenticity, Personal power and responsibility and Expansion of consciousness.

Fullness of Life is ours to choose and claim. We create a transformed and proactive way of BEING and DOING.

Caring, healing, evolving, and journeying together is our WAY OF LIFE.

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